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Lake resort and outdoor pool Rust

Ruster Seebad Betriebsges.m.b.H.
Ruster Bucht 2, 7071 Rust
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The lakeside resort of Rust is perfect for families, sun seekers and sports lovers alike - it's a world of fun for everyone! Located in the heart of Rust bay, the lakeside resort of Rust makes for an absolutely unforgettable bathing experience!

Opening times:
from 1. May,  daily from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm


Lake Neusiedl

Every spring, more than 30 white storks land in Rust on Lake Neusiedl in order to spend the summer in the middle of the model city of monument conservation and to bring a new generation into the world. In the summer months, up to 80 storks circle above Austria's smallest city with almost 1,900 inhabitants and its own city statute. Nestled between the vineyards of the Ruster Hügelland and Lake Neusiedl, the historic centre of the "City of the Storks and the Noble Wine" shines, a picturesque ensemble of lovingly maintained town houses from the 16th to 19th centuries. Protected by the "Hague Convention" and voted the most beautiful city in Burgenland several times, Rust was named a "Model City of Monument Conservation" in 1975, the "Year of European Architectural Heritage", along with Krems and Salzburg.

A number of striking buildings such as the three churches, the old town hall, the Seehof, the powder tower or the old gate keeper's house give the townscape its unmistakable flair, as do the numerous stork nests on the fireplaces of the houses.

This atmosphere was one of the reasons why Rust and his surrounding area became the backdrop for the television series "Der Winzerkönig". Lake Neusiedl was probably another one. As the largest steppe lake in Europe, it not only influences Rust's viticulture in a very special way, but also offers the free city of Rust and its visitors a variety of sports and leisure activities.

The Freistadt Rust offers a varied programme all year round. The history of the UNESCO World Heritage City can be experienced during a guided tour. From the impressive Fischerkirche with its frescoes and glass paintings right through the old town, past the town houses, to the Seehof with its historic powder tower. The Kremayrhaus with its jewels of Rust history and changing exhibitions invites you to a visit.

A guided tour through the wineries is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the life of the Rust winegrowers. The top winegrowers provide deep insights into their daily work.

Those interested in culture will also get their money's worth in the free city of Rust. While thousands of visitors attend the opera and operetta festivals in the immediate vicinity, high-quality cultural events on a small scale have prevailed in Rust itself. In the wineries, pubs and churches of the city - everywhere there the cultural life flourishes throughout the year. Seasonal events lure from spring to winter. Acoustic and literary delights are not always the focus of attention, wine and culinary experiences also invite you to visit the free city of Rust.

For centuries, Rust has been known as the "city of storks and fine wine". Here, traditional and original viticulture is still practised. The unique microclimate of Lake Neusiedl, the different soil structures and altitudes of the vineyards create an environment that is ideal for growing both white and red grape varieties. Combined with the skill of the winegrowers, this results in a wine variety that can hardly be found anywhere else.

The humidity which the Neusiedler See provides to parts of the Ruster wine region is the basis for the Ruster wine speciality par excellence: thanks to it the Botrytis mushroom appears, it enables the pressing of the noble sweet Ruster Ausbruch.

The variety of Rust wines is best enjoyed directly in one of over 40 restaurants. The spectrum ranges from rustic wine taverns to dignified top restaurants. Whether you are looking for a light, a hearty, a large or a small accompaniment to Rust wine, you are sure to find the right place.

Rust restaurateurs can choose from a wide range of local ingredients for their menus. Fish, meat, vegetables and fruit thrive splendidly in the surroundings of Lake Neusiedl and are processed into high-quality menus in the Rust kitchens.

If you don't just want to drink the wine, but want to experience it in its entirety, we recommend a tasting or a seminar at the Austrian Wine Academy in the Ruster Seehof.

The free city of Rust and its surroundings offer not only culture and culinary delights but also intact nature. The fauna and flora around Rust is rich in species that one would hardly suspect.


In the midst of this diverse nature, the free city of Rust offers a wide range of leisure activities. Hikers, Nordic walkers and runners will find a well-signposted network of paths that stretches over 50 km in the Rust hill country. From the vineyards to the stork meadows and down to the lake, the routes lead through all the scenic attractions.

The lake itself offers many possibilities for those seeking relaxation. No matter whether you just want to enjoy the sound of the waves, experience the diverse birdlife, explore the reed belt with an electric boat or take a round trip with one of the ferries. The ideal wind conditions invite to a sailing trip. From beginners to experienced professionals, Lake Neusiedl has something for every sailor, whether you want to enjoy the vastness and the scenery or experience the feeling of speed at full speed.

The Rust leisure offer also offers a generous choice to all those who want to spend their holidays actively. The Rust bay has developed into a small Mecca for windsurfers. On the one hand it offers good wind conditions, on the other hand it lies well protected in the reed belt. While the wind is strong, beginners can try their hand at surfing in the sheltered area of the surf school.

The seaside resort is also located directly on the Rust bay. It combines the bathing experience in Europe's largest steppe lake with the comfort of a heated open-air pool, which is also suitable for young guests - from children's pools to adventure slides and beach volleyball courts.

On land, Rust's geographical location recommends that you use the Free City as a base for extended cycling tours. Countless marked cycle paths cross each other in the Rust basin and offer the opportunity to find "your" tour according to your mood - whether north, south, west or east, whether a short trip through the vineyards or a demanding circumnavigation of Lake Neusiedl.

In the winter months Rust has another attraction to offer. As soon as the temperatures have dropped, Lake Neusiedl invites you to ice skate. Here, too, everything is possible, from enjoyable gondolas in the bay to extended laps far from the shore.


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