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National wine educational centre

The Austrian Wine Academy was established in 1991 as a new, efficient training centre for wine lovers and connoisseurs alike. The Austrian Wine Academy as a non-profit institution, endorses the following philosophy: the more a country develops wine knowledge and culture, the more likely it is that this particular nation will expect and consume high quality wines. Thus, the seminar programmes have a broad range of aims:

  • winemakers and sales people wishing to acquire further knowledge in sales and marketing as well as discover other wine growing areas of the world and new grape varieties
  • restaurant owners and those in the off trade wishing to sell (more) successfully to their clients
  • wine lovers in general, sharing an interest in wine and food and in the history, the varieties and the quality of Austrian wine
  • national and international wine journalists and experts who have professional interest in improving their knowledge of Austrian wine



Weinakademie Österreich

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Tel.: +43 (0) 2685 / 6853



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