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"It ist time: We could save the rights to play "West Side Story" 2021 as well, so we are very happy to announce that we can bring this great musical to the Mörbischer Seebühne" ( further information)


"West Side Story" - 8th July through 14th August 2021

We are very pleased to announce a real Mörbisch premiere for the 2020 season. With the rousing world success "West Side Story" one of the great musical classics can be experienced for the first time on the lake stage. The gripping story of two rival gangs in 1950s New York and a great Romeo and Juliet love story unfolding between Tony and Maria has captivated millions of audiences since its premiere in 1957. And rightly so: Leonard Bernstein's fantastic music and the many great songs ("Maria", "Tonight", "Somewhere" or "Mambo") will also electrify the Mörbisch audience and take them by storm. The singing is in English, the dialogues are in German and are brought to the lake stage by a young ensemble in a credible and gripping way.

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"Those for the 8th. The premiere of Giacomo Puccini's "Turandot", scheduled for July, and all other dates will be postponed to the 2021 season. Tickets already purchased can be exchanged free of charge" ( further information)

"Turandot"  - 8th July to the 15th August 2020

Oper von Giacomo Puccini

Since 1996 the quarry of St. Margarethen has been a leading European meeting place for international opera lovers. The open-air stage in Burgenland (65 km south-east of Vienna) is embedded in the UNESCO World Heritage region Lake Neusiedl. With the quality standard of offering popular and high-quality opera productions, the Opera House in the St. Margarethen Quarry is equally attractive to an enthusiastic audience as well as international opera stars and musical greats.

The mysterious princess Turandot poses three puzzles to every man who asks for her hand and thus for the place on the throne next to her. Those who cannot solve the riddles lose their lives under the merciless sword of the executioner. The spilled blood of hundreds of aspirants drenches the streets of Beijing, the Chinese people groan under the tyrannical rule of the ice-cold princess. All hopes rest on a nameless prince who one day moves from the distant realm of the Tartars to the palace of the dreaded virgin ruler with his old blind father and Liù who unconditionally follows him. Miraculously, he solves Turandot's diabolical riddles. When the latter refuses to shake hands with the Tartar Prince, he in turn poses a riddle to the stubborn princess: she is to tell him his name, which nobody knows. Turandot uses all the levers of her power and imposes a ban on her people to sleep until the name of the unknown is found. . .


"Nobody sleeps - Nessun dorma!" And so begins the famous aria of the prince, in which he sings about the dreaded Turandot and his ever hotter flaming love for this merciless and fascinating woman. Giacomo Puccini succeeded with this throw one of the most famous and most popular arias of the entire opera literature, a bravura piece for every dramatic tenor. With a dazzling and dramatically blazing music full of rousing melodies, the maestro from Lucca takes us into the distant and exotic fairytale worlds of the moon-cold princess. Puccini's glittering and mysteriously fissured sounds find their ideal echo in the rugged rocky landscape of the St. Margaret's quarry. The enigmatic Turandot is one of the most challenging opera roles of all, and hardly any music gets as close to our hearts as the moving pleas and laments of the sacrificing Liù. Giacomo Puccini ignites a veritable whirlwind of emotions, in which finally even the cold heart of the icy princess is inflamed with love.


Tickets and Information

Tourismusverband Freistadt Rust

Tel.: +43 2685 502-0

E-Mail: tourismus@freistadt-rust.at




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