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Quality, joie de vivre, harmony, diversity, delight, experience

In the hospitality industry in Rust you can experience and discover all this and more. No matter whether you are cosily sitting in a "Buschenschank" - a family business that offers home-made products and wines to guests - or dining of an evening in one of Rust's award-winning restaurants, if you are looking for something light or hearty, large or small - the opportunities are indescribably diverse and you are sure to find your own personal culinary delight in one of our forty partner establishments.

Pannonian Cuisine

Pannonian Cuisine may have strong Hungarian influences, but it still remains extremely authentic by using regional products. Pike-perch is, for example, often called Fogos in this area and you'll definitely find paprika and peppers in many different dishes. Beans, potatoes and cabbage are also served often in all kinds of variations. Our chefs create specialities from traditional, simpler ingredients, which were once used for dishes viewed as "poor people's food", by adding modern herbs and spices and taking a look or two over the shoulders of chefs in neighbouring countries.

Admittedly, Pannonian Cuisine does have a real advantage over other culinary styles - almost all ingredients are found on the doorstep. Lake Neusiedl provides numerous types of fish like, for example, pike-perch, pike, carp or catfish. There are countless vegetable farmers in the immediate vicinity, who are abel to ensure that the vegetables are sent directly from the fields to our kitchens.

So, now it's time for you to look for your favourite recipe and favourite establishment - and it's surely going to be easy considering the many fantastic culinary delights available!


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