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History of the museum

The „Stadtmuseum“ (City Museum) shows its permanent exhibition the art collection of Rudolf Kemayr, the former owner of the house. In 1986 he gave his house to Rust as a gift. He was one of the co-founders of DONAULAND (an Austrian publishing house and book club).

Our visitors can look at rustic furniture from Western Austria lovely arranged on two floors. An outstanding object is a tile stove, which was built by the artist Koshka in 1895. It took a trip around the globe until it reached Rust as its final destination. The stove illustrates a so called “Armenbibel” (Biblia pauperum/Paupers´ Bible). Furthermore there are miscellaneous paintings, tapestry and pieces of furniture to see, which put the house into its perspective of the 17th century. In addition is the most important document of the city on display – the ennoblement to a free city.

The “Ruster Schatzkammer” (treasure chamber of Rust) takes up there quarters in the new designed cellar rooms – the best wines and winegrowers of the free city of Rust are represented here.

Throughout the year we make changes to our exhibition according to the current season (Easter market, Christmas fair), but also exhibitions different artists contribute to our collection.

Visit our museum, you will certainly discover something.

Kremayr House - Town Museum

The Kremayr House, one of the most striking architectural structures on the "Rathausplatz" (Townhall Square), was bestowed to the municipality of Rust by the patron of the arts, Mr. Rudolf Kremayr in 1986.

This lavishly and lovingly renovated town house, which uniquely combines history and art, is not only a gem on the outside, but also on the inside boasting architectural elements such as a magnificent portal, timber ceilings and a vaulted cellar, which are well worth viewing. The museum also presents objet d'art, antiques and important documents of the town archives, such as the charter raising Rust to a town, in a cosy ambience. It's simply the perfect backdrop and setting for exhibitions, readings, concerts and a whole lot more.


Stadtmuseum Kremayrhaus Rust 
Conradplatz 2
7071 Rust

Tel: +43 676 / 84 16 06 23

Mail: stadtmuseum-rust@aon.at

Kremayr House
Conradplatz 2
7071 Rust