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Free city Of Rust

Dear citizens of Rust! Dear guests!

Welcome to the homepage of the "royal free city" of Rust.

This newly structured website aims to pass on important information about administrative and political sectors as well as life in our town. Here you'll find an answer to many questions you may have about our town or be provided with the right contact details or someone who can help you further.

The "royal free city of Rust" has had its gates open to guests since time immemorial - and now we would also like to attract as may guests as possible to our town through the gateway of the internet. Naturally, we hope that this virtual visit will make you want to pay our town a visit for real.

I hope that you'll like our homepage and that we will be able to provide you with some interesting facts about our town and the people that live here.

Mag. Gerold Stagl
Mayor of the royal free city of Rust

Our Town

The free city of Rust is the smallest administrative district in Austria with its 1,924 inhabitants. The matters of the municipal administration of the town itself are dealt with at the municipality of the free city of Rust on the basis of the fact that Rust is chartered town. This is located in the town hall, Conradplatz 1. The mayor therefore also takes on the position of a district chief administrator. Passports can thus be drawn up and business registered in the town hall as well as whole lot more.

The reasons for Rust being a chartered town are historical. The citizens of Rust were granted the town charter back in 1681 when the Province of Burgenland still belonged to Hungary. After the Province of Burgenland was annexed to Austria, both the Hungarian "royal free cities" of Eisenstadt and Rust became Austrian chartered towns - the name free city was retained. If an Austrian town were to apply for its own charter today, it would have to have at least 20,000 inhabitants. This information is also evidence of the exceptional status given to the "royal free city" of Rust and its 1,924 inhabitants within the Austrian constitution.

The free city of Rust and its citizens are in any case proud of occupying this exceptional position.

Municipal Authorities
Conradplatz 1
7071 Rust