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Twin-town of Tokaj

The twinning of Rust with the Hungarian wine-growing town of Tokaj was celebrated on September 9, 2006. Mayor Janos Majer and Mayor Harald Weiss signed the partnership agreement of the two towns, which respectively act as the focal point of each of their world cultural heritage regions. Both towns, which are both producers of dessert wines, were competitors on international wine markets for may centuries. Now it's time to look forward towards the future together and join both these historic towns together.

The name "Tokaj" is linked to the wine of the same name throughout the whole world. Tokaj has also been recognised as "part of the world cultural heritage", because it maintains and cultivates traditions connected to wine and viticulture. The wine-growing area is located in the north-east of Hungary. It was here where the fossilised imprint of an ancient Miocene-period wine leaf was found, which is obviously to be regarded as the common ancestor of all today's grape varieties. It can therefore be stated that grapes have been growing in Tokaj since primitive times. This is mainly due to the unique micro-climate, the perfect soil conditions created due to volcanic and post-volcanic activities, the favourable position on the mountain slopes and the autumn mists, which rise up from the rivers Bodrog and Theiss. The oak used for making the barrels also grows in the area and a special mould, which thrives on the walls of the wine cellars, especially aids the fermentation process of the wines stored there. The result was viewed as medicine for a very long time and even today this wine is viewed as a treasure. The French king Louis XIV called it the "King of wines, and the wine of kings".

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