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Twin-town Kulmbach

In 1981 it was decided that Rust should be twinned with the Upper-Franconian town of Kulmbach on the occasion of the 300th anniversary celebrations of Rust as as "royal free town". It was a senible move for both towns, because Rust is, after all, a well-known wine-growing town and Kulmbach is the secret beer-capital of Germany.

The contact between both towns has not only existed on a political level for over 20 years, but also on personal level, too - associations including both towns have been formed, such as the "RC - Pedale" - a cycling association, which continues to fly the flag of the German-Austrian friendship.

May visitors comt to the town, which is located near Bayreuth and boast over 20,000 inhabitants, to pay a visit to its magnificent and beautiful castle, the "Plassenburg", one of the largest castle fortifications in Germany, as well as the many fantastic beer festivals.

Kontakt: www.kulmbach.de

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